About Us

Young Generation started out in 2004. After 2 years, our first concept store was set up in AMK Hub in 2006.

Our core business is in the retail and distribution of gifts ranging from Lifestyle products, Stationeries, Leather products, exotic gifts that will surprise your loved ones every time.

To make your shopping experience a memorable one, we can also customise our Gift items for your loved ones.

For example, we can “build” your name onto a mobile phone strap, ring, necklaces or a pretty bracelet for your loved ones. We also provide engraving services,embroidery or printing for bulk orders.

Most of our items can be customised into different colours, shapes and  sizes at your whim & fancy!

Our aim is to be able to portray the “young at heart spirits’ from our merchandise thus we take meticulous effort in providing our customers with innovative and fashionable merchandise every time. 

Select from our vast selection of products or speak to any of our sales assistant should you have any queries!